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  • Silk Stainless D-82

Silk Stainless D-82


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Brand: Dairing
Product: Silk Stainless D-82
Price: A$14.50/cone
Content: 69% silk, 31% stainless steel
Weight: lace
Yarn count: 1/21
Unit size: 14 grams (0.5 oz)
Meterage: 289 metres (316 yds)
Suggested needles: 3-4mm (U.S 2-6)
Description: this is an unusual yarn, it is a fine strand of stainless steel wire tightly twisted together with a strand of silk. It has the ability to retain the shape when you pull, twist or crush it. The "memory" ability of this yarn is absolutely unique and like no other conventional yarn. Knit it as single or double strands, and hand wash the finished piece in water, then dry. You will get a beautiful organic crushed look. The more strands of this stainless steel yarn you knitted together, the more memory you will get. Also suitable for weaving. One cone will make a small scarf, six cone will make a garment

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