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Lokta paper 20 gram


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Product details

Please select a colour from the colour chart on the top.

Brand: Dairing Paper
Product: Lokta 20 gram 
Price: A$7.00/Sheet
Content: 100% Lokta (Daphne species)
Weight: 20gram
Sheet size: 50 X 74cm

Description:  Our Lokta handmade paper is wood free and in is 100% organic, free from any chemical treatments. No bleach or chlorine is used in the making of our paper. The Lokta papers that we are selling here are not made from any recycled or waste paper. The Lokta plant can grow up to 10 feet tall and four inches thick. The plant is usually ready to be cut four after years planting when a Lokta plant is properly cut it will reproduce 3 to 8 new plants from its suckers. The Daphne species our paper is made from is found in the Himalayan mountain region at an altitude of 3658 to 4572 meters.

Colour 1: Chocolate

Colour 2: Lemon

Colour 3: Red

Colour 4: Charcoal

Colour 5: Cactus

Colour 6: Egg Plant

Colour 7: Madden Root

Colour 8: Bordeaux

Colour 9: Camel

Colour 10: Black

Colour 11: Vegetable dyed Indgo

Colour 12: Terracotta

Colour 13: Sage

Colour 14: Aspen

Colour 15: Blueberry

Colour 16: Rainforest

Colour 17: Tangerine

Colour 18: Natural

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