Dairing yarns and kits are available at Dairing Richmond store, Dairing stockists and Dairing online shop

Dairing specialise in unusual and quality yarns from Japan, Italy and Asia. We also carry boutique yarn brands - Avril (Japan) and Habu Textile (America).


Colour disclaimer:

Colour shown on monitors and in photographs can vary as do individual dye lots.

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  • Abaca Paper Fine DO-2 Abaca Paper Fine DO-2
  • Alpaca Wool Tube T-36 Alpaca Wool Tube T-36
  • Artist DF-41 Artist DF-41
  • Baby Cotton Knots DX-20 Baby Cotton Knots DX-20
  • Bouquet M-20 Bouquet M-20
  • Burlesque Tape M-34 Burlesque Tape M-34
  • Cashmere Mix DX-9 Cashmere Mix DX-9
  • Cool Wool DX-11 Cool Wool DX-11
  • Cotton Knots DC-93 Cotton Knots DC-93
  • Cotton Lamé Tape DF-30 Cotton Lamé Tape DF-30
  • Cotton Lily DMJ-8 Cotton Lily DMJ-8
  • Dairing Linen DL-2 Dairing Linen DL-2
  • Dairing Slubby DA-18 Dairing Slubby DA-18
  • Feather mall U-418 Feather mall U-418
  • Fine Metallic Dust DM-28 Fine Metallic Dust DM-28
  • Fine Silk Tweed DH-10 Fine Silk Tweed DH-10
  • Gail DK-5 Gail DK-5
  • Gaudi S-52 Gaudi S-52
  • Glow in the Dark AG-1 Glow in the Dark AG-1
  • Graffiti DMJ-6 Graffiti DMJ-6
  • Hashigo tape U-27 Hashigo tape U-27
  • Kasumisou II U-71 Kasumisou II U-71
  • Ki-ni DM-10 Ki-ni DM-10
  • Kusa N-25 Kusa N-25
  • Loch DM-40 Loch DM-40
  • Madonna DM-30 Madonna DM-30
  • Maruco M-00 Maruco M-00
  • Mercerised Cotton D-45 Mercerised Cotton D-45
  • Metallic Chain 4mm DMC-10 Metallic Chain 4mm DMC-10
  • Metallic Lurex DX-6 Metallic Lurex DX-6
  • Mirror DF-51 Mirror DF-51
  • Mohair Tam A-83 Mohair Tam A-83
  • Picasso T-27 Picasso T-27
  • Poco S-11 Poco S-11
  • Ramie H-820 Ramie H-820
  • Reflective Tape DR-01 Reflective Tape DR-01
  • Seta Soie Silk H-70 Seta Soie Silk H-70
  • Silk Cotton Loop DA-8 Silk Cotton Loop DA-8
  • Silk Gima H-37 Silk Gima H-37
  • Silk Speck DX-1 Silk Speck DX-1
  • Silk Spiral SS-1 Silk Spiral SS-1