About Us

Dairing sources unusual fibre from all over the world.

Founded in 2008 by Teresa Dair in Melbourne, Australia. Dairing is a contemporary (knitwear) design studio specialising in knitting. It has evolved into a unique fibre and knitwear studio where craft meets design and where knitting boundaries are explored. Dairing is constantly sourcing new and original yarns from all over the world.


My aim is to combine texture and colour to form a unique structure that creates an impact each time it is worn. For me, the process of creating each knitting or jewellery piece begins with the hunt for the right colours and textures. I prefer not to work with a normal pattern as this constrains the development of the garment or jewel, and ultimately the final result.

My jewellery is all hand made and each of my garments are entirely hand knitted to be worn a number of ways, tie a knot, wrap it up or simply drape it over your shoulders. The pieces are purposely unstructured to give you flexibility.


Teresa Dair, founder/designer.