"Dairing Art Yarn Challenge" Competition

Dairing is pleased to present "Dairing Art Yarn Challenge" competition, a contest for everyone who loves Dairing yarns and have created something beautiful with our products, a chance to show off their works.

In the last 6 years, Dairing team was on a mission of sourcing unique yarns and fibres from all around the world, constantly bringing the most interesting and innovative products into Australia for our knitters, weavers, fibre artist and craft lovers. With the help of our in-house "knitter extraordinaire", Teresa Dair, we are able to showcase all these wonderful fibres through the use of her avant-garde knitwear, jewellery and art pieces. Now, we would like to turn the table and see what you have came up with. We are eager to see your design, your knits, your weaves, your art pieces, things that you make with Dairing yarns. 

 Competition Closed



Competition entrant: Donyale Grant

Project: neckpiece

Yarn: I created this woven neckpiece with the Dairing yarns used to maximize the different types of textures, forms and effects that can be achieved with Dairing yarns. This piece used a combination of "Conen","Cotton Linen", "Dairing Linen", "Reflective Tape", "Silk Stainless", "Superfine Merino", "Aresco", "Viscose Sizing Rayon", "Syousenshi Viscose".

The yarns used were chosen specifically for their ability to mould into shape, or hold their shape after weaving and finishing. Perhaps what is most exciting about creating this is that I can see I can make many other versions and also layer them on op of each other - letting people choose which combination of textures and colours they like.

Entry description: I've always said "it's not only about the yarn, it's about how you use it.

Creating is always about texture. Stainless steel silks, copper, linen, paper, all give this neckpiece its own life and structure.

Using a Majacraft Loom I wove different yarns together, forcing space between sections to let the yarns take front stage. Weaving the piece was the first step, giving it a wash afterwards let the magic happen.

The end result is a lightweight sculptural neckpiece that can be worn a few different ways.

Competition entrant: Heather Brimblecombe

Project: sculpture

Yarn: Aresco M-58

Project description: Sailing. As I was out walking one morning I saw nets suspended over boats and decided to translate this into a fibre sculpture. Knitted on large needles so as not to lose the beauty of the yarn I knitted four triangles in garter stitch, commencing with one stitch and included some rows of simple lace to further open up the fabric. This way the sculpture echoed the diagonal structure of the nets. The "nets" were then sewn together to form a partial tube. This was dipped in a mix of PVA glue and water and left to dry on a plastic tube to create the free standing sculpture.